Friday, May 18, 2012

Fishing For Love In All The Wrong Places

I was single and totally disillusioned with my life. I was tired of eating at home alone every night in my empty apartment. I did not have a ton of time on my hands to prowl bars. I did not have the finances to be out every night either, so I thought I should try a free online dating site. A good friend suggested a site called PlentyOfFish. The name seemed strange to me, but I joined anyway. I do not know about most areas, but where I come from there are not so many fish in the sea. At least not keepers.

My first experience connecting with a man from POF started out okay. He said he was from France, and seemed genuine enough. I was excited about dating a French lover. On our first date, the first thing that he wanted to do was to go to his house for drinks. I wanted to get to know him better before going to his house. Besides, I was hungry. So I suggested we go someplace for some food. He looked at me very strangely grabbed my arm and replied, “I am not wanting to know you. I am only wanting sex.” Well I suggested that if he touched me I would string him up by the eyelids and kick him in the nuts until he blinked!

My God, I could go on for many days telling you about the sleazy guys I met on plenty of fish. Pigs who tell you anything to get you in bed. From just plain liars to married men, to just mere perverts. Then of course there are the morons that you will not take no for an answer. They continue to call even though you told them to buzz off. They call even if you threaten to call the police. There is even a Gaga video that shows POF being used in prison. From my experiences, I will bet money that prison inmates have full access to this site.

In my experience, I have never found such a concentration of fakes, cheats and liars before. And they are all in one convenient place to boot! I met at least 30 guys in person and only one was worth dating, and as it turned out he was only looking to marry someone because he was an illegal immigrant who wanted to stay in the country. Others wanted me to go on web-cam so they could see what I really look like because they did not believe my profile photo. Can you imagine, they didn't believe what I looked like when most of them looked nothing like their photo. One good thing about POF (or most dating sites for that matter) is that you do not have to look like a super-model to attract attention. If you have passable good looks you will get more than your share of action.

The last straw for me with POF came when I made a date with a so called registered accountant, who by the way lives in a first class condo in down town New York. Everything was great. He took me to a top of the line restaurant. After questioning my tastes in food, he ordered for me, which was quite different than what most men would do. He ordered a really nice Pinot Grigio to go with our meals. We gone back to his place and he was a real gentlemen, we talked, laughed and snuggled.  Of course, the inevitable happened. The cretin asked me to strip naked, insert a horse tail butt plug and play horsy with him. Well after yelling at him a bit, using words like creep, pervert, twisted, and I forget what all else, I smacked him with my purse and cantered out of his life.

At that point, I went home and deleted my profile on Plenty Of Fish. It seems to be a popular site, but for me it was a complete waste of time. I was discouraged, and decided to never join another dating site.I was in the dumps about all of this and I promised myself that I would never do internet dating again. My friend, seeing how disillusioned I had become, decided to do some searching of her own. She told me she had stumbled upon a link that took her to a page that was full of dating site links for all kinds of dating preferences. She twisted my arm a bit and got me to at least check it out to see if I could find a better place than POF. I was rather surprised when I got there. There were tons of dating sites, and they were arranged in categories depending on what you wanted. It even had sites that specialized in gays, lesbians and swingers! I checked out a few of the sites and signed up on three. The nice thing was that all of these were free for women, but the men had to pay. That must help filter out a lot of the cretins, because it has been better. Best move I ever made. Now I am meeting decent men who are not looking for a bed buddy, but are genuinely looking for serious long term relationships. I’m really enjoying my social life again, and I couldn't be happier.

Most dating sites are not bad, although the totally free ones tend to attract more riffraff I am told. Even the best dating sites will have a few bad apples in them. You have to be on your guard anywhere. With internet dating you have to practice safe hex before you practice safe sex. Some sites will take that little extra step in an effort to keep their site safe. Bad apples will always find away to slip in to any site though, so its up to you to be aware of this and to not give out to much private information.

So take a look at the link below. It is the site my friend found. I am pointing you at their advice pages first. If you have never been on a dating site before, read up before joining. Good luck.

Online Dating Advice For Women

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