Friday, April 20, 2012

College Relationships

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not weird or anything like that, but please stop telling me to enjoy being single because “one day” I might find myself with a husband, kids and an expensive apartment, being single is not what I want to be for the rest of my life. I have been single for all my life, single is my closest friend,  I have had more relationship problem's than relationships, I would love to have a real relationship with someone other than my chia pet, college dating stinks, for me anyway. Why does it seem like everyone else is successful in relationships but me, Losing in love has become a habit that is getting harder and harder to break.

I once asked someone close to me (no not my pet monkey), but rather a college friend how they do it, I told her that when I go to get together s, other women seem to have no problem connecting with guys, but no matter who I take a shine to, I am constantly outmaneuvered by other women who walk away with the trophy. Well her answer to me was simple, crazy but simple, she asked if you were standing inline and there was one piece of cheese cake left that you had your eye on it and someone tried to butt in front of you what would you do. I replied I would kick them and tell then to get in line and wait their turn like everyone else. She said excellent, the next time some girl tries to steal your man toy just give her a shove, walk up to the man buffet and grab your piece. Maybe I should have asked my dog.

I don't understand most college guys, I'm a smart attractive college girl but they act like I am the toe jamb in their shoes. The ones I do go out with are only interested in one thing, for most college guys you have to put our or get the hell out, so I'd rather get out.

But its not just me that has problems, there are college dudes who do not seem to play well with college babes. It seems if you won't go to bed with them they think you are a pansy, its too bad because most people have more to offer than just sex. The boys tell me that a lot of the college girls want them go to bed with them and if they shows any signs of reluctance she spreads rumors that they're gay. Many of these men are nice guys that respect women and don't just think of them as an easy piece, why can't these trollops see that these men will not accept this sort of handling.

However there might be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, several of the guys and girls have decided to join several of the more successful online college dating sites. There have been some real success stories floating around about how guys and girls met their soul mates on these sites. They said the people on these sites don't care what color your hair is and they are interesting to talk to and any sex is just part of the total package, they're decent people, and college students like us. They have a life plan that includes more than just getting through the current semester. They hope to meet the person of their dreams and settle down to a long future together. One of my friends actually met his fiance on a college dating site, I was surprised because it happened so quickly, that they were an item before I knew he was going to join an online dating site.

I have decided that I'm going to give it a try for myself.  My friends told me about this site they found that lists and ranks a bunch of online dating sites, and they have an entire page on just college dating sites. They said that this is where they started to look for college dating sites to join, and they have nothing but good things to say about the way the site recommends and rates the various college dating sites. Who knows maybe I'll finally find someone who is caring and decent. If you are in college or looking to date someone  who is in college why don't you follow this link:

Dating in College


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