Friday, December 30, 2011

Am I The Loser

My name is Brianna and this is my dating story. A few years ago I was divorced, lonely and hot to trot (read really, really horny). My ever helpful sister Darla told me that I should try plentyoffish. I said what the hell is eating fish going to do to help my loneliness? She laughed and said that plentyoffish was a dating site where I could likely find a nice guy to date, and maybe spend most of my time with. At first I was against the idea, but gradually I came around. After all, what did I have to loose? BIG MISTAKE!

As it turns out, plentyoffish is a good name for the site. I did meet some piranhas and a couple of octopus types. Everywhere I looked I kept turning up losers.

The first guy that I met in the chat room said tat he liked to walk on beaches (by the way, that is a pickup line on a dating site – guys do not really like to walk on beaches I have found) and he liked to spend time with his children. I checked his online profile and lo and behold; no kids. Since he lied to me straight off, I decided to ditch him straight off. Nice thing about online dating sites is that if you block someone, you disappear from their lives forever. WAY COOL!!.

The next guy I met in the chat room told me he was 35 but when I saw him in person, he looked more like 65! If he was 35, he had sure led one heck of a hard life let me tell you. He was dressed in all black cowboy clothes. My God he looked like an Grand Ole O pry washout. I was waiting for him to pull out a guitar and start singing “Forget The Past”. I wish I could forget him.

The next one had trouble putting sentences together that I could make any sense of, his vocabulary consisted of wazzzuuuuup and I wanna poke you. Well I told him if he touched me I was going to scream and call the police. Once again I had to duck and run! So there I was, blocking him on plentyofmorons at the first opportunity.

I told Darla that her pet dating site plentyofduds was not doing it for me. Well she talked me into giving it yet another try. I was more successful this time and started communicating with a fellow who seemed to be nice. From my perspective he was funny, sensible, and smart. When he asked to meet me in person, I agreed.

He took me to a nice club and as we sat down at the table a few of my friends who also  happened to be there came over to say hello. I asked them if they wanted to sit with us, and they agreed. After all, this was just a first date and the object was to get acquainted and see how well we interacted. To me that also meant how well he got along with my friends, so I saw no harm. My date took offence at this. He was very upset and asked me to ask them to leave. I disagreed since I had just said that they could sit with us. He turned a bit surly at that point. Not offensively so, but he just stopped communicating very much. Sort of pulled into a shell. I made the best of it, although it was a bit embarrassing. Turns out, he did not have the sense of humor that I thought he did. Not only that, but he had few if any social graces at all. I get that it was an unexpected situation, but his reaction to it told me that everything in his life was all about him. I made up my mind pretty quickly that this would be our last date.

After that, the online acquaintances just started to blur together. There was an accountant in there, a sales clerk, a farmer of all things, a financial consultant, and a bunch of other guys who just did not cut it for me.  I may not be as young as I once was, but I keep fit with regular hard exercise, and I am totally honest. I expect the same from anybody that I hook up with. I was concerned that I was just wasting my time because a few more months had gone by with little to show for it. Plentyoffish had turned into plentyofnothing for me. I often found myself humming that tune each time I logged in.

As it turned out, I was by myself most of those several months. That site was just ineffective for me. I told my sister “NO MORE” dating sites. I will take my chances at the local bars. I was tired of hanging out at good old plentyoftimewasted.

She told me that she had learned about another site that some of her friends swore by. They were very happy with their results to date. She asked me if I wanted the link. Well I had nothing to lose but more time, and I had scads of that since I did not have any dates. To cut to the chase, I agreed and she got me the link.

Actually the link pointed to a site that was not a dating site in itself. It just listed a lot of good dating sites that they had reviewed and recommended. Not surprising, plentyoffish was not on it. Well I feel like a new woman, I have been going out with some great guys and actually enjoying myself thanks to this link.

I tried to figure out why I was successful on these other sites and not on plentyoffish. I think that the issue is that plentyoffish is free to everybody. Because of that, it attracts a disproportionate amount of losers. If they are not successful or too cheap to pay would you really want to spend the rest of your life with them? But free sites attracts exactly these kinds of people. This site that I went to actually has links to sites that are mostly paying sites. In a way, it gives them an advantage because it tends to filter out both cheap people and unsuccessful people. I also found out that for several of these sites, only the men pay. As a woman, I have been just as successful on sites where only the men pay as sites where the men and the women have to pay.

So if you want some of the right kind of action, I highly recommend that you try the link below.


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